Why It’s Ok to Fall Asleep in Your Reiki Session

Jonquil Reiki, 2021

Why It’s Ok to Fall Asleep in Your Reiki Session – Embracing the Reiki Nap

How Reiki Works, Metaphysically:

Your Reiki Master channels life force energy (ki, chi, qi, prana) into your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy fields, which allows your body to subconsciously direct the healing energy to where it is most needed.

This healing happens on the Whole-Self level. For example, Reiki may heal you physically for a headache, and Reiki may also heal your mental stress or emotional issues that can cause a headache.

How Reiki Works, Scientifically:

We know scientifically that the body heals itself while at rest. If you are not getting quality sleep or are staying in fight-or-flight mode due to stress, your body is not able to properly heal itself.

Reiki is profoundly relaxing and allows the body to reach stillness, facilitating proper healing throughout the physical body that it has needed.

Either Way:

Regardless of your opinion of how Reiki works, metaphysically and/or scientifically, you can see that it is not necessary for the recipient to consciously participate in the healing process.

Some people do experience interesting meditations during Reiki healing sessions, which can provide a level of non-physical healing. While this can be a benefit at times, trust that your body knows what type of healing it requires.

If you fall asleep during your Reiki session, know that your body is in control and providing you with exactly what you need at that moment.

The Reiki Nap may be the best sleep you have had in ages. Embrace it!